Who is Spongeorama’s Sponge Factory? Spongeorama’s Sponge Factory has represented the best of the Tarpon Springs Sponge Industry since 1971with the highest quality and largest selection of natural sponges. The Gulf of Mexico is the world’s best location for natural sea sponges. The wool and yellow sponges harvested from the Gulf of Mexico are the most sought after sponges in world. Tarpon Springs harvests about 90 percent of the all world’s sea sponges and Spongeorama’s Sponge Factory offers you the “creme de la creme” of the world’s finest sponges.

What is a Sea Sponge? The sea sponge is a primitive organism with a very simple cell structure. When you purchase a sponge from our Factory it is actually the skeleton of the sponge. The Gulf of Mexico is home to approximately 90 percent of the world’s sea sponges. While the sponge is best known as one the finest cleaning tools on earth, it is also used for painting, faux finishing, and decorating.

Which Sponge should I buy? For bathing we recommend the wool sponge. It is silky soft and incredibly durable. While it is the most expensive sponge, it softness and durability make it the most popular. With proper care a wool sponge can last up to 10 years. Natural Sponges also inhibit the growth of bacteria unlike washcloths and artificial sponges.

The yellow sponge is a lower cost alternative for bathing. They are not as soft and silky as a wool sponge but are soft enough for bathing and can also be used for exfoliating.

For Beauty applications, like removing or applying makeup, the silk sponge works better than any applicator you’ve ever used. The small, porous, silky soft sponge is excellent for facial use and cosmetics.

Washing the car or boat – car and boat enthusiast prefer the soft silky texture of the wool sponge to clean the expensive exteriors their toys vehicles.

For General Purpose Cleaning, the yellow sponge is well suited due to its added texture and lower cost. They are great for scrubbing in the kitchen.

Sponge painting and faux finishing – Wool sponges are excellent for texture painting where a uniform texture is required. Yellow sponges are less expensive and are recommended when uniformity is not a requirement.

Home Decor – grass sponges, also called vase sponges, make excellent vases for displaying anything imaginable. They are great for displaying air plants, arranging sea life, or holding your beauty products. Look under Home Decor for more information.

Loofas are NOT sponges. They are the dried, fibrous part of the loofa plant. Also called dishcloth gourd and vegetable sponge, their uses include: exfoliating and cleaning your skin, scrubbing dishes, or even cleaning the barbecue grill! Loofas are most excellent in the bath or shower. The exfoliating action leaves your skin feeling clean and tight. Use this product to help remove cellulite too. Look under out Bath and Beauty section for more.

Our Sponges are priced by quality and size. The larger, softer, and more uniform sponges are the rarest and most expensive while the smaller, more fibrous pieces are the least expensive. As you can read above, each sponge has unique properties that suite it for a plethora of uses.